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Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Dear Dale

Dear Dale,

First, let me say Happy Birthday to you in Heaven! We've never met, but I know you know me. I know Alex has prayed to you many times about what to do when our relationship seemed to be failing. I know he has prayed to you for guidance when I became pregnant twice before we were married. I know since we have gotten married that he has prayed to you asking for you to look over and protect our babies we were expecting. I have prayed to you also. I have asked you to give our babies lots of hugs and kisses for us, to teach them about me and their dad, to make sure they know just how much they are truely loved.

We've never met, but I know who you are. I know who you are from the legacy you left behind. I know who you are from every person we run into at Ocktoberfest who talks about the good man you were. I know who you are by the memories your children and wife share during the holidays. I know who you are through the pictures I've seen. I know who you are from the man you have taught my husband to be.

I know you would have loved seeing your grandkids growing up. I know you would have been to every birthday party, and every sporting event. I know you would have loved teaching the boys about nature and you would have loved rocking the girls to sleep. I know this because of the man your children have described you as. So I know you are doing these things with your grandchildren in Heaven and I just want to say Thank You, from the very bottom of my heart. While I am sad that our Earthly children, who we hope to have, will not ever know you until their days on Earth come to an end, I am so happy our Heavenly children have a grandparent to cuddle them, rock them to sleep, teach them about nature, throw a baseball with, teach to ride a bike, and to watch them as they grow up.

On your birthday, please know you have the best little babies to celebrate with and to help you blow out your candles:)


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