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Friday, January 16, 2015

One-Forth of the Way There!

10 weeks down, 30 to go! Normally I would think, I'm only 10 weeks and feel like my due date is forever and ever away.  But I'm looking at it a bit differently this time around.  I'm a forth of the way through this pregnancy and so far everything is looking good.  So 30 more weeks doesn't sound like it's all that far away. 

Here is my 10 week bump picture:

And here is the comparison of last week to this week: 

I think I look a little smaller this week? Or maybe it's just the shirt?
Anyways...I thought I would update a little about all those medical questions I had for my doctor regarding my lab results.  Dr. Braverman did get back to me on Wednesday.  He said my anti-nuclear antibody was not that high (1:160-anything 1:80 or higher is considered elevated) that he would be alarmed.  He said even if I had pregnancy induced lupus I am already on the appropriate treatment which is Lovenox.  As for my elevated Insulin, his only recommendation was to try to follow a diabetic diet and continue the Metformin.  I've been trying to decrease my carb intake.  It gets a bit hard when I am already on a low protein diet due to having Homocystinuria.  I feel like the only thing left to eat are salads because even fruit is high in sugar.  I cannot live on salads. I'm waiting on my dietitian from my genetic doctors office to get back to me to help me figure out how to balance my diet better.  When you're forced to restrict the foods you've always loved to eat it is very challenging.  I've adjusted pretty well with the protein thing....steak used to be my favorite food and now I can't eat more than three bites without it tasting gross to me.   I've snuck in a Dr. Pepper twice this week and after a few sips of it I didn't want it.  It's just not the same since I quit drinking it a few months ago! So maybe one day I will have the same reaction to potatoes!
I was also concerned about my low Thyroid Stimulating Hormone.  He said to keep taking my regular dose unless I was having tremors, loss of weight, and extreme fatigue.  Well I've been VERY tired for the past couple weeks and chalked that up to being pregnant.  I haven't weighed myself but I can guarantee I haven't lost any weight.  But several days a week while at work and sometimes in the mornings at home I had been feeling weak and shaky.  I thought it was a blood sugar issue but every time I checked my blood sugar it was normal.  So I started thinking maybe this was caused by the low TSH.  I looked up the symptoms of low TSH and I had just about all of them, except the weight loss.  So I stopped taking my Synthroid for now and will discuss with my regular OB on Tuesday.  I want to see if I can do without the Synthroid which will require my OB to agree to retest me frequently to make sure it doesn't get high again.  I have felt better since stopping it.  And yesterday another employee in the hospital saw me in the elevator and told me I looked like I was in a good mood which was "unusual" because typically I have a look on my face that says "don't talk to me."  Wow...I didn't realize I had looked so moody lately! But then again....I've been so exhausted at work that I probably did look like I was in a bad mood all the time.  I kinda feel like I'm getting some energy back.  Maybe it's from stopping the Synthroid?  Maybe it's because I'm further into the first trimester? Who knows...but I'll take it!
Other than all that, I got my hair chopped and colored on Tuesday.  Here's my before and after: 

It's been a good week.  My husband made a lot of progress on our upstairs bedroom and bathroom he and my dad had been working on.  I'm feeling good about Baby Monnier's progress inside my belly. And I'm looking forward to meeting with my OB for the first time this pregnancy on Tuesday!
Yesterday I posted on our Facebook page asking everyone following our journey to introduce themselves, where they live, how and why they started following our journey, and where they are at in their own life's journey.  I have thoroughly enjoyed reading about everyone who has posted and am amazed by other's journey's as well! If you haven't yet introduced yourself, please do! I'd love to learn more about you:) Wishing everyone a fantastic weekend!!



c.hambleton said...

Baby bump looks higher than the week before! :) adorable.
Have you heard of Low GI foods? Great for diabetics or anyone trying to watch their blood sugars. It plays along the "low carb" thing but instead of cutting out carbs completely (or mostly!) you eat carbs that have a "low GI" meaning the carbs have a steady release in your system, instead of the spike and quick drop that bad carbs have.

Katie Jacoby said...

Hi lindsay! My name is katie and I live in mn. I started reading your blog after I learned about my husband's balanced translocation. We had 2 miscarriages before having baby chase 18 months ago. I had another miscarriage last may and we have since decided we are done trying. I am happy to have the one I've got! :) hoping you get your baby as well... I know what it's like to have to work for it - with both physical and emotional misery. I love your blog and feel like I know you so well.

Lindsay Monnier said...

No I haven't heard of that but sounds Like what I need!! I've had such bad GI problems for the past year or 2 as well. Maybe this diet change could help!/do you have website you'd recommend?!

Lindsay Monnier said...

Thank you Katie!! I'm so sorry to hear about your three Angels. I sure angel babies have met all the angel babies of all you wonderful ladies I've met through my blog and groups!

c.hambleton said...

Basically I looked at and then the Mayo Clinic website about The glycemic index, and from there I downloaded the "Low GI diet tracker app" and bought a low GI cookbook at Barnes and noble. They've got a "Low GI for dummies" one that I like! If you use Pinterest I've found some good guides on there too :)