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Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Through My Eyes

I always love when I find out about people who helped couples to concieve when doctors had given up or just couldn't figure out why they were unable to get pregnant. I recently found out about a family friend who is now pregnant after trying to concieve for multiple years trying just about everything except IVF and were about to persue adoption when all of their dreams came true. I could not be more excited for this couple and Lord knows their journey has not been easy! Thanks to an Iridologist/Naturalist named Jennifer Cheeseman in Ft. Recovery, 6 months of specific vitamins which helped to decreasing swelling in the pitutary gland and increase vital hormones needed to concieve, our family friends are now expecting the best blessing of their lives!

When I heard this news I cried out of such happiness for a deserving couple whose struggles have been much different than ours...but also much the same. Hearing how this women helped our friends to conceive made me want to seek her out for any other answers she could give me regarding my recurrent losses. I've always thought there has to be some other underlying issue besides the Down Syndrome that is causing me not to be able to carry to term. So I thought-it can't hurt to try this Iridology thing out and see what she comes up with, right?

Today I met with Jennifer Cheeseman of J. Cheeseman Wellness Center and had my eyes read. She was able to see a lot through my eyes. The first thing she told me was that there were dark circles around my thyroid indicating it is not functioning properly. Now-for years I have thought I had thyroid problems but every test came back fine. My fertility doctors did put me on Synthroid because my Thyroid Stimulating Hormone (TSH) was on the higher end of normal but since then my TSH has been perfect along with my T3 & T4. She explained that the thyroid is like the 3rd ovary. Our Thyroid affects everything from fertility, to healthy pregnancies, to metabolism, to blood circulation and temperature regulation, to the way our nails and hair grow. She explained that blood test only show if the hormones being produced by the thyroid are normal but do not really show if the thyroid itself is functioning properly. She believes this could be a big factor playing into our recurrent losses and has put me on supplements including Kelp (seaweed) and Super Omega 3 EPA (Fish Oil.

In addition to my thyroid not functioning properly she was able to tell that my intestines are not absorbing nutrients properly which could be causing my constant indigestion and leg pains. For this she put me on Chelated Cal-Mag, a calcium-magnesium vitamin with amino acids and Vitamin D as well as Citrus Bioflavonoids (Vitamin C). She also told me the Omega 3 will help control my Psoriasis so I will not have to take steroid creams while I'm pregnant, and she informed me the Walmart brand vitamins are "full of crap" with additives that are not natural and do not allow the body to absorb the actual vitamin so I switched over my B12 and Folic Acid, which I take to help with my Homocystinuria and protein metabolization as well as to prevent any neural tube defects in our babies while we are pregnant,to the Nature's Sunshine brand. I was instructed to take my prenatal vitamin 3x/day as well compared to the 1x/day that I was doing.

There are some other things Jennifer would like to work with me on once we are pregnant. For one, there is a vitamin I could take to prevent blood clots rather than taking Lovenox Injections again. I will be thrilled about that! I hated those injections and all the bruises they left all over my belly! She will see me again the week after our embryo transfer to look at my thyroid again and see how these vitamins and supplements are helping me. She did not take me off any of my Synthroid as of now and I don't know that she will, but I am hoping these additional vitamins will help everything to function properly and healthy for a growing baby. She said all my reproductive organs including my pituitary gland which secrets reproductive hormones looks great and we have nothing to worry about there. I will need to focus on finding good proteins for me to eat to make sure our baby(ies) get enough protein to grow full term as well which I will be talking to my genetic doctor and metabolic dietitian about this week.

I have nothing to lose here and everything to gain so I'm going to give this all a real shot and pray it helps me like it has helped many other people! If anyone wants her contact information just let me know:)

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