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Monday, February 17, 2014

Attitude is Everything

This week is another one of those "twiddling our thumbs" week so I will have some filler blog posts this week. Today I will share that I'm having some more anxiety than I have in the past month. Some TMI but like I've said before...I'm going to be candid throughout this whole journey. I wasn't supposed to start my period this month until tomorrow or Wednesday but instead I started having some bleeding on Saturday. I have NO CLUE if this is my period or "break through" bleeding caused by the birth control and Lupron injections I am on currently. It doesn't seem like a true period based on how light the bleeding has been. I talked to my IVF nurse and she said it doesn't matter either way...that we stick to our current schedule regardless because the Lupron will prevent my ovaries from releasing any eggs they are going to ovulate between now and my egg retrieval. I also talked to a fellow Baby Quest recipient and she encouraged me not to stress too much. So for now I will trust that my IVF team knows what they are doing and will pray we won't have any issues next Monday when I go for my baseline ultrasound and blood work so I can start stimulation meds next Tuesday! I will keep working on having a positive attitude that everything is going to work out for us:)

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