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Thursday, May 21, 2015

Showered with Love

Last Sunday we celebrated Baby M by showering HIM (it's kinda crazy to say this now!) with so much love from my family and friends.  I had a perfect baby shower....other than dripping sweat from every crack of my body because it was so hot! I'm so glad I was finally able to celebrate these happy moments of my life with those that I love.  My family and friends have seen us go through a lot of years of pain and heartache, have supported us through our rounds of IVF, and have been our cheerleaders through this pregnancy.  We are so grateful to every one of them.

Here are some of my favorite pictures from the day:
Rainbow Themed Cake

Team Pink

Team Blue

Gender Reveal Pinata Breaker

My gorgeous niece giving Baby some love!
"Dear Auntie, You Rock" onesie from my Sister

A special book from a special friend 
Me and my friend Molly with her Rainbow Twins-how precious! 

Me and two of my nieces

Two of my high school besties!

Another best friend from High School

My Mom, Sisters, and Niece<3

My In-Laws<3

Two of my cousins lovin' on the bump!

Baby M and Miss Lydia in their Mommy's bellys!
We appreciate all the gifts we have received to help us get started on our parenting adventure.  The last couple of nights I've been staying up until 4am, after getting home from work around midnight, going through everything and organizing our gifts into category bags so we know what we have and what we still need.  This is about the best I can do with all my nesting energy since we still don't have a nursery to put anything in at the moment.  I'm really hoping our contractor starts soon so we can put things in their place before Baby M makes his appearance in 8-11 weeks! 
Other than being showered with all this love, Baby M is still doing great.  We had our fetal echocardiogram on Tuesday followed by a regular ultrasound.  He received a clean bill of health at both appointments! Our baby boy was weighing 2 pounds, 8 ounces on Tuesday and was measuring 5 days ahead of schedule:) We learned he is already taking after daddy and has a big head that is measuring almost 2 weeks ahead! Oh....and we verified, he's definitely a boy! The umbilical cord continues to lie right over my cervix so my OB continues to let me know a c-section is our only option at this point.  When the cord comes out first it cuts off oxygen supply to the baby and can cause stillbirth so it's not even a risk to consider.  I let my OB know that my genetic doctor, the one who manages and treats me for Homocystinuria, is recommending that I be induced around 36 weeks because it is safer for me to deliver earlier-but unfortunately she is not on board with that just yet.  I'm hoping the genetic doctor will call her like he says he is going to so we have a definite plan of action soon.  Today I am 28 weeks and received the dreaded Rho-Gam injection since I'm RH negative.  We continue to put our faith into God and pray that we will get to become this little man's parents in the very near future!


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