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Tuesday, September 23, 2014

A Toast to The Journey!

So many times throughout this Egg Donor IVF process I've worried that the wheels on the bus that has kept us moving forward were going to some how go flat or fall off. I can't believe we started this process back in May and its almost October now. There have been times along the way that I thought my sister would unscrew the wheels to the bus herself and would run as fast as she could away before I could tackle her to ask for the wheels back. In other words, I didn't know if this was REALLY going to happen for us or not.

But sister completed her LAST screening appointment before we can truly begin our Egg Donor Cycle! She met with the fertility doctor to complete a physical, and I think a family medical history questionnaire-I'm not sure about that part, and some more blood work. And then we met with the IVF nurse coordinator to go over a rough schedule for our cycle. Holy crap-$h!+ just got Real! We are Finally, Finally, Finally...did I say Finally? Done with all the preapproval, precycle testing and paperwork!! And the Angels sang Hallelujah!!!

What do we do now? We wait. We wait for Aunt Flo to pay me a visit so I can start my birth control pills. I expect her to knock on my door next weekend and I will gladly invite her in for a few days. Then we wait some more for Aunt Flo to travel on down to my sisters house...which should occur around October 12th, and then my sister can restart her birth control three days later. We will both be started on Lupron injections to keep our ovaries quiet sometime in October. I have no clue when I will start my Lupron, but my sister should start hers around the last weekend in October. We don't have any more appointments with the fertility doctors until the end of October. That's when my sister has to go back, repeat the physical and blood work she had done today and learn how to give herself injections.

I know she is terrified about the injections. I think everybody is until they do a few of them. Then they realize they aren't terrible, especially if it's only for a short time. Every appointment that she has taken the time our of her busy schedule to accommodate for us and for our cycle, I've given her small gifts to show her how much we appreciate what she is doing for us. I hope that is making this process a little easier for her. Today she got two new scarfs to dress up her outfits with. Her next appointment she will get an extra special gift to let her know she is the best sister a girl could ask for:)

Stay tuned as the wheels on the bus keep turning and moving us forward! For right now, let's make a toast to the journey so far-May the days ahead be brighter and full of sunlight, and may the dark clouds that have been hovering over us the past two years be casted away with an arising Rainbow!


Anonymous said...

Hooray! Finally! A friend of mine who is deathly scared of needles who also did ivf used a numbing cream and she swears by it. Just a thought.

Julie May said...

That's amazing! Will keep u both in my prayers!

Brianna said...